Satish Tyagi


Dear Readers,

Greetings from Team Chanakya Forum!

With harsh winters giving way to pleasant spring time, loaded with colorful flowers and fragrance all around, Chanakya Forum welcomes the season with similar reading material and visual stories for tickling your intellectual taste buds. There is hope all around us and a gentle fresh wind of peace and calm is seemingly blowing. Both China and Pakistan have shown signs of thaw and green shoots have sprung up with the stand down on the LAC in eastern Ladakh and the ceasefire on the LoC in Jammu & Kashmir. It is everyone’s wish that this gentle breeze in the early 2021 spring picks up speed and envelopes the entire decade ahead.

We, at the Chanakya Forum too, have embarked upon a peace offensive to analyze the strategic environment and the future it holds. We have great delight in announcing our continuous efforts to get some of the leading professionals and authors to write for us and also give their views in our regular visual stories’ feature “Chanakya Dialogues” both in English and Hindi. Our initial efforts in this section have shown a tremendous response from our viewers on the YouTube Channels. Each of these stories has well gathered a very high viewership. It has encouraged us to do more and more and we intend touching new grounds as well as greater heights. Watch out for our special features on foreign affairs and emphasis on India’s growing presence in the international arena.

Notwithstanding the hopes, the guard and vigil not only on our borders but the invisible warfare as well as hybrid warfare adopted by our adversaries need to be taken into account. India marches ahead and its military might is growing. Therefore, we need to examine the Indigenization Mantra and how Made in India weapons and systems are faring in the international competitive environment. Also, what is the vital augmentation of weapon systems with our adversaries? We would also be looking at the importance of Rare Earth material and how to benefit from them. We intend looking at the advancements in the Space based capabilities. Look out for all this and much more during the current month when we roll out innovative surprises.

Wishing our esteemed readers a Very Happy and Colorful Holi and happy reading!


Satish Tyagi


March 2021