Col Satish Tyagi (Retd)


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The month of February 2021 has begun with a coup in Myanmar; a friendly neighbourhood. Traditionally, the Indian culture has had deep roots in erstwhile Burma (phonetic equivalent to Brahma) and there have been cordial relations all this while. We, in the Chanakya Forum, too have opened our account with a brief commentary on the situation by Prof MD Nalapat; a departure from our earlier stance, to only carry exhaustive details, to enable us to remain current and contemporary with the changing world.  Do not miss the cultural connection displayed by the picture of ‘Ram-Janaki’ Temple in Myanmar added by us inside the article. As Prof MD Nalapat has argued in his article already published on this Forum, the history seems to be repeating itself. It brings China closer to our doorsteps and perhaps even closer to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. India has to read the signs and interpret them correctly to adopt and take appropriate measures and steps.

Loss of nuclear fissile material is a constant threat hanging on the head of the peace starved world; it is more pertinent when it comes to our continent. Nuclear-armed Pakistan has been walking on the thin edge and there is a danger it could happen anytime. We would have Cdr Sandeep Dhawan discussing it in an exhaustive article shortly. Similarly, the Taliban is on our steps in the north-west and we have Mr Abhijit Iyer Mitra who has had the first-hand experience in this field in Afghanistan. His thoughts would be available here shortly.

Let me also welcome many other such illustrious authors and thought leaders who would be joining our bandwagon to feed you with ultimate knowledge extravaganza. Watch out for our articles, commentaries, dialogues, analyses and one-on-one cerebral celebrity interviews on latest happenings around you in real-time. Do remain with us and pass the torch of knowledge on to others too.

Should you have any feedback, I would personally try to respond to each one of you to improve where we may need to do so. Please use the email ID given below to interact with me, if and when required.

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Col Satish Tyagi (Retd)


February 2021