Create a unique platform to encourage and engage people to express their views on geostrategic and security issues through unbiased analyses, debates and discussions. Bring together people across the globe to share thoughts and project India’s points of view in the emerging world order.


  • Provide a unique and an equal opportunity online platform as a Think Tank to showcase and project India’s progress and prowess as a New World Order emerges.
  • Focus on contemporary geopolitical issues and its analysis in an objective manner to assess the impact on Foreign Policy, Defence Strategy and Economy.
  • Engaging with national and international think-tanks, Academic institutions and thought leaders for meaningful exchange of information thereby generating synergy in understanding and analysis of issues of strategic importance.
  • Enable our readers to develop a comprehensive understanding of Geopolitics and Defence through our articles, online events and seminars.

About Chanakya Forum

India is progressing faster than any time before and has found a strong will to be a self reliant, responsible and resurgent nation, thus striving to achieve its former glory. It is a giant that has now risen from its deep slumber that lasted a couple of centuries. The entire world has taken a note of the rising Indian tide and has recognized that the time for India has come to be a global leader. For them India has already emerged as a harbinger of peace, stability and development not only in its neighborhood but across the continents.

To position itself as a global leader India needs to project itself to the rest of the world and protect its national interests from its adversaries and enemies. Chanakya Forum is a unique and an equal opportunity and online Think Tank that would act as a platform to showcase and project India’s progress and prowess through constant and unbiased analyses, dialogues, debates, discussions and engagement with the thought leaders within the country and from the friendly foreign countries on the military strategy, international affairs and policies and guidelines. Brainstorming on specific issues will be encouraged.

Chanakya  Forum would focus more on external than internal issues and would initiate geostrategic discussions and dialogues both on and offline. We would be reaching out to our glorious past too and include Indian spirit in the battlefield.

Chanakya Forum will be organizing Seminars/Webinars/ Podcasts/ Video Articles and would welcome articles written by some of the top diplomats, military officers, academics, authors and would encourage new thoughts by inducting greenhorn but budding writers and thought influencers.

Chanakya Forum will be engaging with national and international think-tanks, Academic institutions and syndicating with them to exchange information and thus generate synergy in developing formidable analysis. Research Fellowships would be offered to Indians as well as researchers from across the globe.

New technology will be constantly adopted and Social Media will be a major thought exchange and delivery platform. Android as well as iOS based mobile application will be introduced shortly.